What I buy at Farmer Market and some tips

Saturday, July 19, 2014

I loveeee going to Farmer Market. I feel like a kid in a candy store whenever I go there. Fortunately, living in Bay Area gives me access to Farmer Market and wonderful non pesticide produce all year long.

I usually stop by there every other week but since my boys were at summer camp these past two weeks; I got to go there two weeks in the row.

First things first, get the preschooler to help with unloading and arranging the grocery, which is a great practical life skills to have. :)

Things that I usually get there:
Carrots: I almost always have carrots in my fridge because they can be used for many dishes
Grape tomatoes for snacks, bruscchetta, salad, and so on
Green beans to make spicy stir-fried green beans
Cucumber to make cucumber relish
 Seasonal Fruits this time: pears and nectarine

Valencia Oranges. We prefer Naval Oranges but this is the kind that is in season right now.
Bell peppers: I use this for condiment in many dishes
Bitter Melon: I heart this vegetables. Will share the recipe I use after I cook it one more time.
Daikon for daikon soup
Japanese Sweet Potatoes for roasting
Yellow and Red Potatoes for roasting
Shallot & Onion. I was sad when I learned that the ones I found at Asian Supermarket where imported so I was delightful when I found these local grown.

I got to go again the week after and this time these were what I got:

a. Strawberries for snacks, strawberry ice cream, yogurt, and smoothies
b. Grapes
c. Green beans
d. Sweet white corns for grilling

Bok-choy: for stir frying or simply steam with little salt
Broccoli: for stir frying, steaming with cheese
Spinach for salad, stir frying, green smoothies, egg spinach pizza
Green onion
I also get raw honey for my allergy there

The Farmer Market also sells eggs, raw milk, grass-fed beef, pork, and chicken, fish, bread, essential oils, plants, flowers, and other wonderful things.

Some Tips:
1. Not all Farmer Market charge the same. Visit different Farmer Markets around the area to compare the price and qualities of the produce.

2. For best price, go about 30 minutes near the closing hour for better deal. However, some produce maybe gone by then.

3. Be nice to the sellers. I often get smile, discount, gardening lessons, and extra produce for being nice.  Haggling is okay but be considerate too. It takes time and energy to grow those wonderful produce.