Multivitamins for Your Week

Monday, September 1, 2014

Inspired by Ann Voskamp's posts: Multivitamins for Your Weekend

Thinking of dear friends who is going through tough times. Praying that in the midst of heartache, headache, and hardship, you may experience His love, goodness, and faithfulness

No one expected this from her. She has never won a gold medal and no woman at 40 years of age has EVER won in this event. It’s never too late to begin!

Never Say the Word: "Can't" 

Athlete with cerebral palsy completed Ironman contest with his twin
Steen Mondrup, 34, pushes his twin brother Peder

Hidden miracles of the natural world

So Stay Hungry, Stay Curious, Be Humble, Be Brave, Be Amazed, and Be Joyful Always!

   Photo credit: Hari Rediawan