Summer Bucket List Update

Saturday, August 30, 2014

I am back! The last two weeks have been full yet refreshing at the same time.

You may have seen some of these photo on my Instagram. Thanks to Didi who lost my old Nokia, I got a used Iphone 3. Now I got a smart phone and can jump in "Instagram" bandwagon.

We joined our church Vacation Bible School. The church nearby our house kindly shared their VBS materials so our small church didn't have to buy anything. So grateful for their kindness and generosity.

After that, we went to Mendocino for family camping.

One of the reasons I love family road trips is the fact it gives us chance to get into deep heart to heart conversations

and make wonderful memories.

more on our camping trip later now onto

Summer Bucket List Update

1. Trip back home. This was the trip where we learned our favorite carry on for International Flights

2. Go to a u-pick strawberry farm. Pictures can be seen here

3. Bi -weekly library and Farmer Market trip.  More like weekly trip I actually. Max has been progressing so well in his reading and keep devouring books after books. Way to go, Max!

4. Play date, invite people over, or visit others at least once a week.  

5. Hit the pool when the weather permit. 

6. Jury duty. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. I wrote about what to bring on Jury duty here

7. Camping. 

8. Vacation Bible Schools .  The boys have been singing the VBS songs over and over

9.  Light daily learning activitiesreading, phonic, and math. Recent reading on summer learning lost encouraged us to continue learning during summer. You can read more about our summer learning and activities here.

10. Deep clean the house and organize garage. {in progress, I think the house is organize enough, I have been purging and donating lots of stuff lately. Still need to sell a few stuffs on Craigslist, wipe the blinds, get our air duct cleaned}

11. Update Quicken {in progress}

12. Organize pictures and videos {in progress}

13. Work on a few sewing projects {in progress, two more projects to go}

14. Get ready for First Grade for Max. File the kindergarten work.

15. Get ears pierced. I had one when I was a baby but the holes closed up.