What I Sewed Lately

Friday, October 10, 2014

Most of the time, I use my sewing machine for mending/ altering purpose, which are not that interesting to look at. Occasionally, I get to sew a few pretty things:

#1 Bolster Covers for my talented baker friend, Bertha. After all the wonderful cakes she made for my kids, this is the least I could do for her.

#2. Beach Towel Patchwork. We were given this Beach Towel as gift. I thought I could make it prettier with the left over fabrics I have.

I didn't even measure those fabric scraps just cut and sew along as I go. A very fun project!

Let's go to the beach, honey!

Closer look:

3. Chevron Nursing Cover. A dear friend who is about to give birth requested a nursing cover. The only problem was my baby is too big to be hidden inside the cover.

#4 Another Reversible Vest for my boys
I couldn't use the previous ones because the color theme is much different besides both boys have outgrown the old vests. The vest in progress:

Wes was super excited when we told him he is going to be the ring bearer too. He couldn't wait to put on the tuxedo once I was done with the vest and bow tie.

Right after we arrived to the wedding venue, I realized I haven't finished the bottom part of Max's vest. Oops... Thankfully, I brought emergency sewing kit. Fiuhhhh 

The Couldn't-Stand-Still Group Picture


  1. ada dua cewe cantik jadi mo diphoto gak bisa diem.. salting kali ki

    1. Hahaha I don't think so emang ngak bisa diem :)