Visiting: Carmel Beach, California

Monday, November 17, 2014

I have been feeling under the weather lately: sore throat, coughing, low fever, so we spent most of the timee at home. Not being able to go out and about made me realized that I shouldn't take for granted the chance to go out and enjoy the nature. I have to remind my homebody self more of that.

Speaking of the outdoor, our family took a short trip to Carmel Beach one Saturday. We went there a few years ago when the weather was cold and damp. This time, the weather was just perfect.

Besides, water, sunblock, sunglasses, and towels; baby powder is on my list of things to bring to the beach. Have you ever tried to clean off sand from wet skin?  Yep, that's what it is for.

While Koko is so excited to play with sand and water.

Didi was scared of the wave so he chose to spend the afternoon doing this:

Thankful for this hunky man who still makes heart swell after 12 years, the one who is strong enough to keep up with my craziness, ideas, and mood swing.

Going on a walk along the beach

There was a wedding ceremony to be held later on that afternoon:

The boys were wearing the "Shark-thank Inspired Towel" I made a little while ago.

The lovely houses around nearby the beach.

We close the day with early dinner at Moss Landing. Originally we were going to eat at Phil's Fish Market but the line was super duper long so we settled with The Whole Enchilada, which was pretty good too.