The Everyday Tote

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Since the burglar took my old purse and bag (picture below), I had been looking for replacement bag that can fit a regular size folder, 15 inch laptop, and books.

I couldn't find one that I like and fit my budget so I thought I should try to make one myself. I made it and was pretty happy with it until Chris pointed out that the faux leather wasn't lining up perfectly. It doesn't bother me so much so I am still using it but it was a good feedback. I made another one for a dear friend of mine.

The inside: polka dots lining, large pocket for small things like keys, pen, lip balm, etc and magnetic button for closure.

I made the handle long enough so it can be hung over the car's head rest
It is not perfect but I like the fact that it's useful, practical, light, and can be thrown in the washer. Yayyy!!!