Behind the scene of our moving

Friday, January 9, 2015

If you follow my Instagram feed, you know what we have been up to lately. It has been a crazy week of packing, moving, and settling down in a new place. We thank God for 7 great years with many wonderful memories in this 2 bedrooms condo. 

We love our old place. We love the fact that we don't have to take care the outside of the home and we enjoy the lovely space we created over the time. However, as our parents got older and it becomes a lot harder for them to get up and down the stairs let alone our three level home so they can no longer visit us. In addition, we long to give our two rambunctious boys more freedom and outdoor space to roam around without worrying about waking up the neighbors' baby. 

So we start praying, saving, discussing, and looking. We went over our values, priorities, and preferences. We agreed that we don't want: big house, big mortgage, and long commute. We realized that in order to stick to our budget, there are things such as convenience and comfort that we have to sacrifice.

Due to high housing demand in the area we live in, it took us one year before we found and got our new place: a 1000 square feet house (370 sq ft smaller than our condo) with no stairs and 1 bath. It's time for the four of us to practice grace, exercise patience, and self control.   

Over the year, we already donate many of our stuffs but I think we need to get rid some more because

we managed to fill up this big truck

A little peek into our new 50+ years old house:

with its original kitchen

unpacking boxes of kitchen stuff. 

First time cooking in my "new" kitchen. 

The boys bedroom:

First time waking up in a new place:

First day exploring the yard:

Only a few days after we moved in, we managed to break the 50+ years old toilet and sink. Did I mention it is our only toilet? Thankfully, I have a private hunky handyman in the house

A little over a week, the 25 years old heater broke down so we're sleeping in a full armor. Thankfully, our dear friends lent us portable heater.

We just got chance to go to Ikea to get curtain. Slowly this place becomes more and more like home. 

Found this print in a store the other day; I didn't buy it but I love the quote very much:

Life is what we make of it. We can't always change our circumstances, but we can always change our attitude. I am choosing to cherish, to be grateful, and to be joyful. :)