What we bring during our temporary move

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

These past few days we've moved back to our old condo while the bathroom in the new place is being renovated. What happened? Before we bought the house, we already knew the bathroom need major renovation since it has leak and mold. However, we thought we could managed to live for a few months until our old place got sold.

After living there for a few days, it became clear to us that the bathroom need to be fixed sooner than later so once we accepted an offer for our condo, we decided to start planning and working on it.

We still like the idea of moving in first before doing any major renovation.  Just a little over a week living in the new place gave us better ideas on improvements that need to be done, which we won't know if we haven't live there for a while.

Refrigerator is the only thing we don't have at this moment since we already moved it to the new place. It's not a big deal though since we still go to the new place daily to monitor the renovation, we just pick up our meat and vegetables during that time.

Besides clothes and toiletries, here are few things we brought during our temporary move:

Kitchen essentials. These are similar to what I would bring to camping except I wouldn't bring any electric appliances.

Cooking Utensils:
2 small pans, one for boiling water, one for cooking
1 large stir-frying pan
1 soup ladle
1 spatula
1 tongs
1 chef knife
1 small knife
1 kitchen scissor
1 baking pan, aluminium foil
1 strainer and 1 aluminium mixing bowl
1 chopping board, 1 peeler to peel potatoes and carrots
Rags and napkins
Dish washing soap & scrub

Eating utensils
4 bowls,
4 plates
4 set of forks and spoons
4 small spoons for the kids and drinks
4 cups for drinking
2 food container for leftover foods.

Sauces & Condiments:
sweet soy sauce, salt, pepper, sugar, oyster sauce, Japanese rice seasoning, seaweed, honey, tea, butter

Not so essential kitchen appliances I brought because I could ;)
rice cooker, slow cooker, water boiler, slow cooker

Laptop, Books & Toys:
Each boy can only choose one kind of toys to bring. Max chose Lego while Didi chose transformers. We brought their bibles, a few story books, and school books. That's it.

Living out of suitcase makes us realized that we really do not need much stuffs to live. Less is definitely more.