How to plan a bathroom renovation

Friday, January 23, 2015

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We are almost finished with our bathroom renovation. Cannot believe that we are able to pull this together in such a short amount of time. I guess we learned something from our kitchen remodeling experience. 

Here are the steps we took to plan our bathroom renovation:
1. Ask, ask, ask
Instead of going to the stores directly and being bombarded with so many choices, we contacted a few friends who had done bathroom renovation and asked for their inputs.

Some useful advises I got:
a. For the floor, use the tile that is made of porcelain,  not ceramic. Porcelain is harder than ceramic, which is better for the floor,  and it is not easy to crack
b. Check out high end tile store (such as Porcelanosa) for ideas and reference then get similar stuffs from other high rated stores on yelp.
c. Check the local water district to see if you can get any rebate for old toilet before you start the work.
d. Make sure to use a trustworthy contractor; ask friends for referral and check yelp reviews.
e. Check out Costco for Vanity. They may offer cheaper and better quality product than the store: 

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2. Find a reliable contractor. This is the key to any renovation project so we interviewed some contractors and their clients, checked out their work and asked for their quotes and timetable.

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3. Look for inspiration online (mostly Houzz and Pinterest) then discuss what we like and don't like as far as color, size, practicality, and so on. 
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4. List down what need to be done and need to be bought: tiles for floor, shower, and wall, vanity, lighting, glass door, mirror, toilet and small pieces like towel hanger, shower head. 

then start checking out a few local tile stores with good rating on yelp, get some samples and quotes. Don't forget to compare with what the big box stores have to offer as well.

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5.  Put the samples and picture together to make sure they work together: the vanity, floor tiles, shower tiles, wall tiles, paints, mirror, window, and lighting.

We also asked our contractor for his feedback on our choices, which we found to be very helpful.

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6. Start ordering the materials and clean up all our stuffs in the bathroom so the project can finally begin. 

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Have you done a bathroom renovation before? Please feel free to add your inputs in the comment.