1960 Home Kitchen - Before Renovation

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Our home renovation is done and we are now back home living and loving it. It is still 1000 square feet with one bathroom but much more functional with working heater, A/C, windows, doors, kitchen.

Speaking of kitchen, I took the time to take few shot of the old kitchen before it got a makeover

There was a wall that separate the kitchen and the living room.

I still can cook and bake but the lack of surface and storage makes it a harder and more time consuming.

The cabinets and drawers was the original ones built in 1960.

The 1960's kitchen exhaust fan

The kitchen before lunch or dinner

The kitchen after I cleaned it up a little bit :)

The double sinks:

The mess under the sink:

The upper cabinet on the left:


the bottom part:

For closure, the cabinets have these sharp metal things (definitely not a child friendly feature)

The dining area

There wasn't enough space under the sink so we have to put our recycle bin at the corner or the room

The linoleum floor:

The popcorn ceiling

It wasn't pretty but thankfully it doesn't looks like that anymore.

I will share the after picture once I get a chance.

'Till next time!


  1. woaaa Kiki!!! I'm excited to see more photos of your new kitchen!!!!! and other areas that you renovated... the sneak peek looked awesome!!!!!