Big Island Day 2: Kapoho Tide Pools & Volcanoes National Park

Monday, May 9, 2016

We stayed in a rental condo from vrbo nearby Kapoho Tidepools about 2.5 hours drive from the Kona airport. We spent the next three days on this side of the island.
 Snorkeling at Kapoho Tide pools
The boys can't wait to get inside the calm and warm as they are geothermal pools.
 Snorkeling at Kapoho Tide pools
I was in my twenties the first time I went snorkeling and this little guy discovered the underwater world when he was five.
 Kids Snorkeling at Kapoho Tide pools
O... hi there
 Fishes at Kapoho Tide pools
 Fishes at Kapoho Tide pools
 Fishes at Kapoho Tide Pools
 Kapoho Tide pools fishes
Now it's time to shower and go to lunch

We ate at Kaleo restaurant at Pahoa super fresh and delicious.
 Lunch at Kaleo Restaurant in Pahoa
This pretty gecko can be found everywhere including inside our rental house.
 Gecko at Big Island
The owner of the house has some books and Max picked this book and tried to memorize all the names of the fishes .

Next stop: Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park
 Big Island Volcanoes National Park
 Volcanoes National Park
 travel with kids to the volcanoes national park

We are used to hike 3-4 miles so when we saw the sign: "Visitor Center 0.3 miles"; I told the kids to act like you are very tired. I didn't think they could act that well. :)
Another short hike to Thurston Lava Tube
   Hiking at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Lava tube is a channel formed by flowing lava which moves beneath the hardened surface of lava flow.
  lava tube at volcanoes national Park Lava Tube Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
The tropical plants are so fascinating.
 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park  Volcanoes National Park
 We brought mosquitoes repellent so we didn't get much mosquitoes bites.
 Volcanoes National Park
Max was learning about volcano and volcanic rocks this year so it was priceless to see his light bulb went on as he's connecting what he was learning from the book to being in a volcano national park.
Traveling with kids to Big Island Volcanoes National Park

   Volcanic Rock at Volcanoes National Park
 Traveling with kids to the Volcanoes National Park


Holei Sea Arch
 Holei Sea Arch
 Holei Sea Arch
 We waited until sunset at the Jaggar museum Inside Jaggar Museum
to finally see the lava glow at night
 Watching lava glow at Jaggar museum observatory deck

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