Big Island Day 3: Akaka Falls, Hilo Farmer Market, & Richardson Beach

Monday, May 16, 2016

We like to stayed at rental home instead of a hotel not only because it's often cheaper but we can do laundry and cooking. The kids still have to do their schoolwork in the morning.

The place we stayed is pretty spacious and clean though not as clean as I hope but the price was good.

Mango, papaya, and coconut trees around the complex,

 Due to the heat; we usually freeze bottles of water at night to drink during the day.

First destination: Akaka Falls State Park

Boys being boys:
That's the Kahuna Falls that can only be seen from a far. O well... thankfully, we can see much better view of Akaka Falls.

The short hike trails was very interesting too


Max was fascinated to read the story of ‘O‘opu ‘alamo‘o fish that can climb back up to the stream above the waterfall.

Next trip: Hilo Farmer Market. Most vendors open only Wednesday and Saturday but we went on Tuesday and there were plenty vendors so off we get some tropical fruits and nuts.

Found Dragon Kitchen Sushi, a cheap and fresh sushi place nearby the farmer market. We were thinking to comeback to try the Thai food counter for dinner but the place close at 4 PM. We learned later on that it's common for restaurants to close at 4 or 6 PM.

Next stop: Richardson Beach Park 

The kids immediately went snorkeling looking for green sea turtles:

Turned out the sea turtles were not at the sea but in the tide pools nearby:

Can you see it ma? We are swimming with sea turtle:


Time to head back

Thankful to find Pho Viet, a Vietnamese restaurant that open until 8 PM

Back home enjoying the papaya, longan, mangoes, sour sop. Yummy

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