Big Island Day 4: Snorkeling at Kapoho Tidepools & Swimming with Manta Ray

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

 Kapoho Tide pools
This was our last day at the East side of the island. Early in the morning we took time to dip in the Kapoho tide pools again before we left to Kona.
 Snorkeling at Kapoho Tide pools'
Our launching spot
 Kapoho Tide pools
 Snorkeling at Kapoho Tidepools with kids
They couldn't wait to get in and explore God's beautiful underwater world.
 Kapoho Tide pools snorkeling

 Kapoho Tide pools big island

 fishes at Kapoho Tidepools
 Kapoho Tide pools
 Kapoho Tide pools
staying at Kapoho Tide pools      Fishes at Kapoho Tide pools
 Big Island Snorkeling Spot Snorkeling at Big Island tide pools
Stopping by to have lunch at Pahoa Fresh Fish 
 Pahoa Fresh Fish
The fish were fresh catch of the day.  Pahoa Fresh Fish
The boys were knocked out during the 2 hours drive to the West side, which is good because we want them to be well rested before swimming with Manta that night.

On the boat to the Manta's spot. We chose this company because they allow children under seven. I got seasick on the boat even after I ate Dramamine.

Basically they have this raft that we are holding on equipped with blue light that attract plankton, which is what the Manta eat.
 Manta Ray Dive
The Mantas were so close. I was tempted to tickle its belly.
   Manta Ray Dive
 Manta Ray Dive
 Manta Ray DiveMore mantas joined the party

 Manta Ray Dive at Big Island

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