Riding Hot Air Baloon at Napa Valley and Some Tips

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The real reason we went to Napa this time was for this: Hot Air Balloon Ride. After reading online reviews, we decided to go with Napa Valley Aloft; the only company allowed to fly on Pope Valley so we got to see the beautiful vineyards. We booked through their online website and got a reminder call the day before we flew along with the e-mail explaining where to go and what time we have to be there.

We woke up early that day to get there at 5:30 a.m. and were greeted by those colorful gigantic balloon.  

Disclaimer:  Some of the pictures below we took with our camera and some were taken by the photographer at Napa Valley Loft, which we opted to pay in order to get our pictures when were inside the basket. Ready or not here we go.
Napa Hot Air Balloon

Napa Aloft
hot air balloon ride in Napa http://www.chriskiki.com/2017/07/riding-hot-air-baloon-ride-at-napa.html 
Aren't those balloons so pretty? I can't take my eyes out of them.


 It's warmer inside the basket thanks to this:
Hot Air Balloon 

view from hot air ballon

I thought it would be a bumpy ride but it was the smoothest flight I have ever been to. So serene, so beautiful. I just want to soak in all the beauty.
Napa Valley hot air ballon

Hot air balloon experience
Grateful for this marriage and the man God chose to share my life with.
Napa Valley winery scenery

Hot air balloon in Napa
About 30 minutes or so later it's time to land. It was surely once in a lifetime experience for us to treasure. There is no steering wheel so the balloon land whenever the wind takes us but the pilot and the crews were able to control the air pressure and have general ideas of where to land.
hot air balloon ride

hot air balloon landing

Some tips before you go:
a. Plan well, book early, be familiar with where you are supposed to be, and arrive on time. 
b. Wear layers. We went during summer so light cardigan and scarf was enough for me.
c. Do not bring bag. You are allowed to bring phone and camera but not bag pack, tote, or hand bag.    So be prepare to leave them in the car or hotel and just bring small wallet with you. 
d. Wear shoes and pants skirt/ dress for convenient. 
e. The whole trip only takes about 1 hour and they provide coffee, water, and snacks at the meeting place so you don't need to bring your own. 
f. Enjoy the ride.