Math Story Problems for third grader

Friday, October 6, 2017

 Math Story Problem for third grader
I notice that my 3rd grader needs more practice to solve math story problems so I made some extra problems for him to do each day. You can download the printable or PDF version here

3rd grade Math Story Problem
Unit measurement: Dozen 

1. Beth bought 1 dozen eggs. She used 5 eggs to make breakfast for her family. How many eggs were left? 

2. 1 dozen egg cost $5. Mommy bought 2 dozen eggs. How much money does she has to pay?

3. Wesley bought ½ dozen pens. A dozen pens cost $10. How much money does he has to pay? 

4. Max has $40. He wanted to buy a dozen fishes. Each fish cost $3. Does he has enough money? 

5. Papa bought 1 dozen eggs. He used 4 eggs to make breakfast and 2 eggs to make dinner. How many eggs left? 

6. 1 dozen egg cost $6. Mommy bought 5 dozen eggs. How much money does she has to pay? 

7. Mrs. Allen had 2 pans that each held a half dozen muffins. How many muffin she could bake a one time? 

8. Max has $40. A dozen card cost $18. Does he has enough money 2 dozen of Pokemon cards? 

Unit measurement: Pint, cup, and gallon 
1. Andrew wanted to make bread. He had 1 pint of milk. The recipe called for 2 cups of milk. Did he have enough milk? 

2. Mama need 2 pints of milk to make pudding. How many cups of milk did she use to make the pudding? 

3. We need to buy a gallon of milk. The stores only sells milk in a quart box. How many boxes do we need to buy? 

4. To make macaroni, we need ½ gallon of milk. How many cups of milk is that? 

Unit measurement: teaspoon and tablespoon
1. Andrew wanted to make bread. The recipe called for 2 tablespoons of sugar. He uses teaspoon to measure. How many teaspoon of sugar did he use? 

2. Mama said the baby need to eat 10 tablespoons of soup. If she use teaspoon to feed the baby how many teaspoon of soup the baby need to eat? 

3. We need 6 teaspoons of sugar to make cookies. We couldn’t find the teaspoon and only find tablespoon. How many tablespoon of sugar do we need to use? 

4. Each bread recipe called for 1 teaspoon of salt. How many teaspoons of salt that she need to make 10 breads? 

Counting money  
1. Daniel wanted to buy a can of juice that cost 89 cents. He has $1. Did he has enough money? 

2. Pete paid 2 quarters for a muffin. Jane paid for a drink with 4 dimes. Who spent more money? 

3. Joshua needed 4 quarters to play a video game. His father gave him a $1 bill. Could he exchange the dollar for enough quarter to play the game? 

4. Allen had a quarter. He found a dime. How much money did he have? 

5. Maria went to the store. She spent 1 quarter, 2 dimes, 3 nickels, and 1 penny. How much money she spent in total 

6. Dana buys crayons for $3.65. She gives the cashier $5. How much is her change? 
7. Toby wants to buy a book that costs $5.75. She has 1 five-dollar bill and 4 quarters. How much money does she have? 

8. Ramon earned $10.50 mowing lawn. Bertha earned $12.75 teaching piano. How much less money did Ramon earn compared to Bertha? 

 9. Terry bought a stuffed monkey for $4.49 and a toy poodle for $3.50. How much did she pay for both? 

10. Carl called his parents from camp. The first call cost $2.50. The second cost $1.45. How much did he spend on both calls? 

11.Charles earned $5.76 for collecting cans on Friday. He earned $6.76 on Saturday. How much money did he earn in total? 

12. Maya earned $5 for babysitting per hour. She worked for 5 hours. How much money did she earn? 

13. Kevyn paid $175.50 for lawn mower, $9.75 for a hammer, and $23.50 for a saw. How much did these items cost altogether?

14. Grace has $6.50. She needs $9 to buy a book. How many more dollars does she need? 

15. Anna wants to buy a doll that costs $21. She has $10. How much more money does she need? 

16. Miranda bought a notebook for $3.39 and a pen for $1.19. How much more did she pay for the notebook? 

17. Walter bought a ruler for $.79 and an eraser for $.25. How much more did he pay for the ruler? 

18. During a garage sale, $87 was collected on the first hour. The next hour, $67 was collected. How much less was collected during the second hour? 

19. Tom bought a toy that cost $3.47. How much change will he receive if he gives the clerk a five-dollar bill and 2 quarter?

20. It cost $2.50 to rent a movie. If Max wants to watch 2 movies. How much money does he has to pay?

21. Mommy bought a window box for $12.75, a flower pot for $7.95 and a hanging planter for $16.30. How much did mommy spend? 

22. Annie wants to plant a new garden. A rake costs $17.44, gravel costs $14.60, and plant cost $45.19. How much will it cost Annie to plant a new garden? 

1. Henry bought 3 bunches of bananas. There were 3 bananas to a bunch. How many bananas did he buy in all? 

2. Vivian bought 6 pair of tennis shoes for her siblings. Each pair of shoes needed 2 shoelaces. How many shoelaces did Vivian buy altogether? 

3. Ms. Johnson bought 9 packages of pencils. Each package contained 10 pencils. How many pencils did she buy? 

4. Zachary sold his Pokemon cards to get new shoes. Eight people bought his cards. Each person bought 3 cards. How many cards did he sell in total? 

5. Chris won 2 aquarium tanks for helping his friend moving. Each aquarium has 12 fishes. How many fishes that he has in total? 

Multiplication/ Division 
1. Pat bought 4 toy cars. Each toy car cost 5 cents. How much money did she spend? 

2. Nicolas bought 6 stickers. Each sticker cost 4 cents. How much money did he spend? 

3. Bertha made 2 cakes for her friend. She used 9 eggs for each cake. How many eggs did she use in all? 

4. Wendy has 16 carrots. She put the same number of carrots in 2 plates. How many carrots did she place in each plate? 

5. Mama sew 14 bags. She gave the bags to 7 peoples. Each person had the same number of bags. How many did she give to each person? 

Multi-Step Problems 
1. There were 77 third graders in three rooms. There were 27 third graders in Room 101 and 25 in Room 102. How many third graders were in Room 103? 

2. Of the 77 third graders, 3 were absent from Room 101 on Monday, 4 were absent from Room 102, and 2 were absent from Room 103. How many third graders attended school that day? 

3. Mrs. Jefferson gave 5 candies to each of 9 children. The full bag she started with has 100 candies. How many candies did she have left? 

4. Mrs. Lin bought glue for $1.49 and poster paper for $4.50. How much change did she receive if she paid with a ten-dollar bill? 

5. Mr. Vincent had a package of 35 pencils. He gave 2 pencils to each of 9 children. How many pencils did he have left?

6. At lunch, April spent $.25 for milk and $.35 for an orange. She gave the cashier $1.00. What was her change? 

7. Mr. Wilbur gave 2 animal books to each of 5 children and 3 drawing books to each of 4 children. How many books did he give to all the children? 

8. There are 3 books on each shelf of the bookcases. Each bookcase has 3 shelves. How many books are there in 4 bookcases? 

9. There are 3 rooms in Aaron’s house. Each room has 2 aquarium. Each aquarium has 2 fishes. How many fishes are there?