Five Things to Eat at Dotonbori, Osaka

Friday, November 3, 2017

 Food to eat in Osaka
We won't be going to Osaka if not because of our friends who persistently told us to visit Dotonbori. "Really? Is it a must?"I asked; "Yes, she replied." So off we went by train. After all, we had JR Pass  and it's only about one hour away from our hotel in Kyoto 
 What food to eat in Osaka
 Found this cute car at the train station. I wouldn't mind trading my minivan for this.
 Where to eat in Dotonbori, Osaka
 Found a temple nearby Dotonbori

Temple at Dotonbori
 Our guide for the evening armed with google map: touring Japan with google map
 After about 10 minutes walk from the station

 Osaka Dotonbori
We're finally here!

 Japanese Street Food at Dotonbori

  So many good foods to try. Here are our five picks:
1. Takoyaki at Dotonbori Akaoni  {we don't have the image - sorry}
 Grilled at Dotonbori, Osaka
 2. Grilled Crab at Konidouraku Dotombori 

3. Gyoza at Osaka Ohsho - the best gyoza we ever taste.
Dotonbori Food: Gyoza

4. I was searching for Kobe Beef and was directed to this place: Matsuzakagyu Yakiniku Best Food in Osaka, Japan
 This was so very good.
Japanese BBQ Beef at Osaka
  5. Next, this boy really want to taste puffer fish/ fugu so off we went to Zuboraya Eating Fubu Fish at Osaka, Japan
 Where to eat puffer fish at Osaka.   Puffer Fish Dish at Osaka, JapanThe fish was tough, doesn't taste as good as we thought. Well, at least we tried it.  Eating Fugu Fish in Japan

Extra: We didn't get to try this but I heard its very good: Pork Bun at 551 Horai Butaman
 Culinary Travel Guide in Osaka

We had a great evening trying so many good foods. My friend was right: Dotonbori is indeed a must visit.

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