Kyoto day 3: Kyoto Aquarium, Railway Museum, Nishiki Market

Monday, November 13, 2017

According to the weather forecast; it's going to be rain the whole day that day so we reserve that day to visit Kyoto Aquarium. Originally, we were going to the famous Osaka Aquarium but going there would take us at least two hours while this one only 10 minutes from our hotel by foot.
 Kyoto travel with kids Kyoto Aquarium

Travel Kyoto Aquarium
Group of Japanese school children on field trip. Aren't those yellow bags lovely?
 Japanese school kids
 Dolphin show at Kyoto Aquarium

 Kyoto Aquarium fishes
 This one we haven't seen before: Japanese and Chinese Salamanders. They are big! Salamander at Kyoto Aquarium
Bat ray during feeding time Bat ray at Kyoto Aquarium
We brought breads for  quick lunch in the aquarium then heading to the next stop:
 Travel Kyoto with kids railway museum
Kyoto Railway Museum unfortunately it closed early so we just took a peek from outside and went to the store to get bullet train toys as memory from the trip.
 Kyoto Railway Museum
Next place we visited: the famous Nishiki Market, which has so many delicious Japanese street snacks. There were BBQ eels, and squids,
 Kyoto travel with kids Nishiki Market
tasty ice cream,
Food to eat at Nishiki Market ice cream
 Sugi honey at Kyoto
in different flavor, which we allowed to taste yum....
Food to eat at Kyoto Sugi honey
 and the best mochi in the world:
Food to eat in Kyoto: mochi
 After all those snacks we walked around the area and eat dinner at the Ippudo Ramen.
 Food to eat in Kyoto: Ippudo Ramen
The ramen broth is lighter, which I prefer than Ichiran. I love the fact that they provide a basket under the chair, where we can place our bags and jacket. How thoughtful!
Food to eat in Japan Ippudo Ramen
So that's a wrap for that day. Don't worry we didn't gain any weight from the trip because we have to walk a lot in Japan.

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