Day trip to Hakone from Tokyo

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A day after we got back from Kyoto, we decided to go for a day trip to Hakone. We use early morning bullet train to Odawara Station then bought "Hakone Free Pass", a discount pass that provides unlimited use of transportation: trains, boats, cable cars, and busses in Hakone area. 
 Trip to Hakone with kids
 A day trip to Hakone
 Hakone travel with kids
I love how the Japanese manage to plant greenery despite having limited outdoor space:
Japanese small front yard
First destination in Hakone:
1. Gora Park - free admission with Hakone Pass Gora Park in Hakone

 Gora Park Hakone
 Gora Park Japanese Garden
Lots of landscaping or garden inspiration, a must for any plant lover  or gardener.
 Hakone travel Gora Park
 beautiful plants in Gora Park
 Japanese Garden Gora Park
Japan travel with kids Hakone
 Hakone Trip with kids
We went there in the autumn when the leaves change color. So beautiful!
    Hakone in the Fall
  Gora Park in Autumn
Hoping on Hakone Tozan Railway
 Hakone Tozan Railway
a day trip to hakone
We're supposedly taking the rope-way too but it was under maintenance that day so we had to take bus to get us to the next destination:

2. Owakudani 
 Trip to Owakudani with kids
The sulfur stinks!
Hakone travel with kids
The legendary Black Egg that was said to add 7 years to your life. Well... we believe God hold the timing for our lives plus we thought 500 yens or $5 was way too expensive for an egg us so we opted for steamed buns with the egg inside, which cost about the same.
 Hakone travel: Owakudani
 Hakone Travel Owakudani
Onto the next adventure: Taking a boat cruise across Lake Ashi
 Hakone Travel boat cruise

 Boat ride at Lake Ashi
 Lake Ashi boat ride
 Lake Ashi Hakone
Lake Ashi Hakone Boat Ride
 Lake Ashi, Hakone Lake Ashi Hakone
 Travel Hakone Japan: Lake Ashi boat ride
 Boat ride at Lake Ashi
Travel Hakone Lake Ashi with kids
 Lake Ashi Hakone
We were starving after the boat ride so we stopped by a nearby bakery. It was raining at that time so I thought it was odd when I saw some customers opted to eat their food outside. When I looked closer, I then found out the reason: they were enjoying foot spa.
 Bakery in Lake Ashi
Never mind the rain, we had to experience it too. felt so good; good food, great view, warmed feet. What more can we ask for?
Bakery & Table in Hakone
After our little break, we continue on to our last destination: Cedar Avenue. We thought this was an interesting spot to hike but we didn't expect it is located next to a busy road, not-so-serene-forest as we expected.  
  Cedar Avenue, Hakone
 Cedar Avenue, Hakone Japan Japan Travel with kids Hakone
That's the end of our family adventure in Hakone that day, which is also the last day of our Japan adventure. Our family flew out of the country the day after. We hope to be back someday to explore other parts of Japan. Arigato Gozaimashita, Japan!

I will share our one week in Japan's itinerary on the next post

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