Diamond Head Hike and KCC Farmer Market

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

This is one of the highlight of our visit to Honolulu. To get there, we can take local bus or trolley but since we rented a car, we drove from our rental apartment. We chose to go on Saturday because it is located right above the famous KCC farmer market so we can just park our car for free at the Kapi Ľolani Community College, where the farmer market takes place. 

My mom can no longer hike that long so Max, our ten years old, who wasn't too excited about hiking volunteered to stay with grandma going around the farmer market.  The market open at 7:30 AM on Saturday; we arrived at the parking lot a little before that then start walking up to the entrance. Just a few minutes into the walk we got to enjoy this view
There were many people already even before 8 AM. 
About 20 minutes or so we reached the entrance. We only have to pay $1 per person to enter the park. Somehow I forgot to pack my walking shoes so I had to wear my regular shoes. Thankfully, it wasn't a strenuous hike so I can still do it with my booties. I wouldn't recommend wearing flip flop though.

This is one of the most touristic trails on the island, so be prepared for the crowdsBe ready to let others pass you and be patient with those slower hikers ahead of you on the trail. 
The view along the way. The weather was perfect at that time. I can imagine how hot it could get at the afternoon so either go early or late in the afternoon
They call this the staircase to heaven because this is the final challenge before we got to enjoy the breathtaking view on the top

In total the hike takes us about two hours. If you plan to do this hike please wear comfortable shoes and don't forget to bring water. After the hike, we rewarded ourselves with fresh cut pineapple and juice sold at the entrance and then hike down to the farmer market to enjoy lots of good local foods. 

The KCC farmer market full of people and local goodiesOne of our favorite oahu foods: The Pig and The Lady's oxtail soup and Hawaiian Cane Juice