Oahu Beautiful Beaches and Snorkeling Places

Saturday, January 26, 2019

During this visit to Oahu we managed to visit a few beautiful beaches and snorkeling places. Surprisingly, only Waikiki and Hanauma were crowded with people the rest are not, so it was a pleasant surprise.

1. Hanauma Bay State Park: the popular and best snorkeling place in Oahu. It takes about 30 minutes to get here from Waikiki. There are only 300 parking spaces so go early if you are planning to go by car then you can continue your beauty sleep once you get there. :)
The park opens from 6 am to 6 pm and closed on Tuesday.
If you don't have car, you can go by shuttle, taxi, or bus. Park entry fee $7.50 per person. Be prepare to walk down the hill to the Bay or pay $2.50 to ride on the tram. 
 There were lots of fishes big and small but the coral is not as pretty as the one in Philippines or Indonesia.

Refreshed by the sea water and ready to eat lunch

2. Kailua and Lanikai Beach: the most beautiful beach in Oahu
We went to Lanikai, the smaller and serene one first. It has no public facility like rest room or trash bin so make sure your bring out what you bring in. The water color, the sand, and the view was heavenly.

 Moving on to Kailua Beach, just a few blocks from Lanikai
Priceless smile:

 They either play with the sand or with the wave. I love my mom she is very caring grandma who knows her children and grandchildren well. She's also not afraid to get herself dirty and play with them.

I didn't realize how blessed I am to have her until I am all grown up.  

 Let's jump to the next beach:

3. Waikiki Beach: the most popular beach in Oahu

We would skip going here if it's not because of my mom who likes crowded and popular place.
Thankfully, Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki put on free firework show every Friday night about 7:30 pm so we find a good reason to go besides just visiting the most popular beach. Get the delicious Lappert's Hawaii Ice Cream or Island Village Shave Ice before the firework start then eat dinner afterward.

 Happy grandma :)
Sunset in Waikiki

4. Shark Cove is the small rocky bay forms part of Pupukea Beach Park 
I put this last because we went to Oahu during the winter and there's big wave at the North Shore during winter months. There're lots of fishes but beware of strong waves. This beach was even closed the day before we arrived due to strong wave. There're lots of fishes but definitely no recommended during winter months.If you go with kids, I would recommend going to Laniakea Beach instead to see Sea Turtle.

There were lots of fishes but the waves was too strong for the boys. We were very hungry by then and decided to eat lunch at Giovani's Shrimp. We don't think it is that good though. Our local friend also recommended Ted's Bakery. We should have gone there instead.