Challenging Math Questions for 3rd or 4th grader

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

I found this challenge math questions at Singapore math book level 3 to be very interesting. So I typed and changed the numbers so the boys can do more math practice. Putting them here in case I need them in the future. I also posted another set of 3th grade math problems a little while ago.

1.       The chart below shows the amount of money Simon saves from Monday to Wednesday
If Simon continues to save in this pattern, how much money will he save by Sunday?

2.       Complete the number pattern.
2 , 4 , 8 , 14 , 22, 32, _____ , _____ , _____

3.       A group of 8 people shook hands with one another in a meeting. Each person shook hands with another person once. How many handshakes were exchanged?

4.       Form 2 digits numbers with the digits 2, 3, 4. The digits in each number can’t be repeated. List all the 2-digit number that can be divided by 4.

5.       I am a number between 30 and 49. If I am divided by 5, there will be a reminder of 2. If I am divided by 6, there will be no reminder. What number am I?

6.       Complete the number pattern
2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 17, _____ , _____ , _____

7.       The distance from Kovan to Lakeview City is 148 km. There are 3 bus stops of equal distance between the 2 cities. If Olivia board the bus at the first bus stop and gets off at the second bus stop, how far will she still have to travel to get to Lakeview City?

8.       Monica paid $1595 for a sofa. She paid twice as much for an entertainment center. If she gave the cashier $5000, how much change would she receive?

9.       The first digit of a number is the same as the last digit. The second digit is 2 more than the first digit. The sum of all its digit is 5. Find the 3-digit odd number.

10.   The chard below shows the number of workers and the number of days needed to build a 2 story house. Find the number of days needed for 10 workers to build  the same house.
Number of workers
Number of days needed

11.   Mike bought a backpack that cost $20.52. He gave the cashier the exact amount with 3 bills and 4 coins. What were the bills and coins he gave to the cashier?

12.   A garden is located exactly halfway between Jamie’s house and her school. The distance between the garden and her school is 2 km. what is the distance from Jami’s house to her school?

13.   Plant A is 2 m tall. Plant B is 60 cm taller than Plant A. Plant C is 10 cm shorter than Plant A. What is the total height of the tallest and the shortest plants?

14.   Grace dropped a string into a measuring cylinder of oil and water. 1/5 of the string was immersed in oil and water. 1/10 of the string was immersed in water. If 5 cm of the string was immersed in water, what was the total length of the string?

15.   Ken has 3 bills. The first bill is twice the amount of money of the second one. The third bill is 10 times the about of money of the second one. The difference between the largest and the smallest amount is 36. How much money does Ken have?

16.   It is 12 hours earlier in New York than in Singapore. What will be the day and time in New York when the clock strikes twelve midnight on New Year Day in Singapore?

17.   Simon’s father ate ½ of a pizza. Simon ate 1/2 of what was left. Simon’s mother ate ½ of what was left after Simon has taken his pieces. The remaining 2 pieces of pizza were eaten by Simon’s brother. How many pieces of pizza were there at first?

18.   Mr. David bought groceries. She gave the cashier $35. She received the change in 3 bills in two different denominations. One of the bills was 5 times the amount of money of the other bills. The change was between $ 5 and $10. How much were the groceries?

19.   A bean plant grows 5 inches every three days. How tall will the bean plant grow after 10 days?

20.   Study the numbers carefully. Find the missing number.