Saturday, September 17, 2022

A few weeks ago, God called Bobo, my local mom and the kids' local grandma to Heaven. 

We held a home going service at church and many people came to celebrate her, her care, and love.

During the service, we gave people chance their memory with her. Friends and family shares how much she cared toward them, always calling and checking on them, giving people Chinese medicine whenever they are sick, always ready to serve and help anyone. Wherever she goes, she always make friends even with her limited English. To the spouse of her neighbor who has dementia, she kept on encouraging him and prayed for them.

I used to think I was special that she treated me like her own child but then I realized it wasn’t true. I wasn’t special. She loves and treat everyone like her own. 

When the kids were little, I often stop by her place during weekdays. It is such a blessing because the grandparents half a globe away. It's such a blessing to have a local mom and grandma.

One day during my weekly visit, we were chatting as usual and we were talking about marriages; how so many couples choose to live separately or even if they live together they keep hurting each other or basically are divorced emotionally. Then she made one comment that I don't want to forget, " Oh if only they know how blessed they are. It's so much better to forgive and love than to be bitter and angry. I lost my husband to a heart attack when he was in his early 60s. I miss him dearly and can only wish if I could have just one more day to spend  with him. "

Then I understand how she loves everyone and never talks negatively about anyone  because she thinks of everyone and every day as gifts and doesn't take them for granted.

Our perspective determines our attitude, which eventually determines how we live. O what a joyful, grateful, full of love and  adventure life she was living.  I am so grateful that we got chance to visit her home in Malang, Indonesia two months before she passed away.

I’ll miss her smile

I’ll miss her call

I’ll miss her asking me, “Ki, ngak ke sini? “When are you coming?”

But I’m glad that she didn’t suffer long. I’m glad that she no longer has to go back and forth between two countries. She is finally home with her Savior whom she love so much. We love you, Bo. Thank you for loving us and so many others.