Camping Part 4: The Kindness of Strangers

Monday, July 27, 2009

On the last day of camping, each family drove home separately. We checked out last. Max didn't poop at all the whole time we camp, so we thought to put him on the potty before we leave. After 15 minutes of waiting and nothing came out, we decided to leave.
After 2 hours driving, we stopped by a Taco Bell to get something to eat. Chris handed me the key to open the car trunk to get Max's booster while he took Max out of his car seat. As soon as I closed the trunk, Chris asked: "Did you get the key?" I checked my pocket and the trunk's keyhole but I couldn't find it. My heart sank.... I knew I just left the key inside the trunk and our car is auto-locked meaning when the engine is off and all the doors are closed, it's locked automatically. Both Chris and I left our wallets & cell phones in the car. And, to make matter worst, Max just pooped. :(

Chris immediately went to look for something to open the car while I carried Max, prayed hard, and looked around for help. The first person I asked was a 30 something guy who happened to park his car nearby ours. I told him what happened and asked if he has any tool that we can borrow to open our car's door. He immediately came over to help out without any reservation. It happened that he just experienced being locked out of his car few weeks ago so he kind of know what to do from watching the AAA guy opening his car. I couldn't believe my ears.
#1. What is the chance that the first person we asked for help is willing to help us?
#2. What is the chance that the person himself experienced being locked out few weeks before?
People can say it's just coincidence but we knew it must be GOD who sent this angel.

The only problem was he doesn't have the tool to open the car. He said the AAA guy used wire hanger to open his car so we need some kind of wire. We looked around the shopping complex and saw a dry cleaner. So I went out to ask for hanger but the shop was closed. There was Auto Zone shop as well so I went there to ask the sales guy if they have something to open the car but he just say no and went on doing his own business. It happened that a tow truck was parking outside a nearby restaurant but the driver was no where to be found. We thought he might be eating inside the restaurant so we decided to wait. Meanwhile, our Good Samaritan kept looking for a wire while his wife played with Max. He finally found a wire ( He took it from some kind of real estate sign on the ground). So both Chris and him went to work. Chris hold the door slightly open while he use the wire to open the key. 10 minutes went by... no luck. Then came another guy who has been watching us for a while. He took over the wire and give it a try.... and it worked!

We were so grateful to God and our angels. They all took off immediately afterward. No one expect anything in return. What a great lesson it was for us. Have we been that kind to strangers who need our help?

"Be kind and compassionate to one another,...." Ephesians 4:32


  1. Thanks for the story. It reminds me of one incident when my car ran over a boulder and got stuck. The guy who helped me was a Good Samaritan too, who later handed me some evangelistic booklets. Fulfilling others needs are more powerful than preaching.

  2. Hi Joy, nice to "meet" you. :) Yup... I agree. Action speaks louder than words.