Monday, July 27, 2009

This is how Max sleep on his big bed accompany by his lovey: Mr. doggie. He will squish, bite, pat, and hug it before he falls asleep. Without Mr. Doggie, my touchy kid will have to touch our nose, lips, teeth, and elsewhere. Though he often can sleep on his own, there are times when we still have to accompany him to sleep especially when he's not too tired/ too sleepy yet.

Max moves A LOT during his sleep. Whenever we sleep with him, he would kick, slap, or bump his head against us. This is the reason we no longer put him in the crib to sleep in, because whenever we put him there, he'd keep waking up whenever he bump himself against the crib rails, which happen every hour or so. So now Max sleeps on a big queen bed all by himself. We put the bed on the floor so that he can crawl out the bed to our room whenever he miss us.

We keep the crib in the room though. I use it to line dry my bed linens and to put Max in to play on his own whenever I need to take a quick shower, mop the floor, etc. We also use it for his time out when he refuses to go sleep even when his eyes can barely open. Usually, after 1-2 minutes inside the crib, he'll cry out for us to take him out of the crib and will doze off the minute we put him on his bed. I love you, baby!