Exploring Homeschooling - Part 2

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Before I continued, I got some questions regarding our decision of me to stay at home. I personally think it's a decision that one has to make prayerfully with their spouse regarding what's best for their kids and family. I know families whose children are doing fine with their mom working full time; and I also know families whose mom and kids feel miserable with the mom being home. As for us, it's what God put in our heart and everyday we are at peace and grateful for the privilege of having me stay at home with Max.

My good friend, Elisse just decided to stay at home full time with her 3 years old daughter after 2 years thinking, praying and planning about it. She shared two things she read (among many other things) that resonate in her heart: one is an article: Why I'm At Home and second is the book above titled: Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney. If you don't like to read and prefer to hear Carolyn's messages you can listen to them for free here. Her messages have been such a blessing, encouragement, and inspiration for me. I hope it will be a blessing for you as well.

Now continue what I left out from my previous post:

When Chris and I were about to get married and looking for a wedding photographer, Chris came across Christopher Maxwel's website. We really admire his work, professionalism, and his boldness in proclaiming his faith. Later on we learned that his parents home-school him and his seven brothers and sisters. I was very curious so we asked if we can meet his family without any hesitation he answered, "sure" so off we went to their home. When we arrived, we were warmly greet and welcomed. Then all of us gathered in their living room for a short fellowship . We both used to be around kids and youths be it babysitting, teaching Sunday School, tutoring, leading small groups, etc... but never in our life up to that point we saw such a wholesome individuals. They listened as their mom and us talked, asked questions, and prayed. We felt like we just got a taste of Heaven just by spending a few minutes with them. O by the way, they have a blog too. If you want to check them out. :)

As I write the above paragraph I remember Mrs. Ruth Chambers' teaching about "Heavenly Homemaking" back in my university days. Below is my note taken from my old journal:

Heavenly Homemaking

Since our body is the temple of Holy Spirit - 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, we ought to take our work as homemaker seriously because Jesus dwells in our home! We are working for the King of kings.

Our home ought to reflects these statements to its residents or guests :

"Jesus lives here."
" You are welcome here."

Some helpful hints:

1. Correct attitude towards housework
2. Add spiritual exercise to mundane tasks. For example: pray for our family as we wash the dishes; singing praises as we clean the house, memorize bible verses as we tug our kids to bed. (the examples are mine, feel free to add anything and be creative!
3. Be discipline. Spend your time wisely and intentionally!
4. Keep things simple and attractive; make other people feel welcome and comfortable.
5. Be hospitable.

To be continued

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