It takes second

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It takes second for an accident to happen. The other day, we bought this cups with reusable straw {picture above} for our four year old. Upon seeing his older brother having fun drinking from it, our 1 years old demanded to drink from the same cup too. I gave in.  I told him to sit down while drinking his water but I should have known better. A one years old doesn't listen {at least not ours}. When turned my back for a few seconds,  he stood up, stumbled, and fell. The hard reusable straw hit the ceiling of his mouth. My heart sank. He cried, I cried. He was fine 5 minutes later but I saw a little bleeding and mark on the part where the straw hit so I brought him to his pediatrician just to be sure.

All the way to the doctor office I can't stop blaming myself and thank God for His protection. It could be much worse. The doctor confirmed that it wasn't too bad and the mark will heal soon but she then reminded me to stop giving that cup to him.

I wrote about this before that accidents happen to anyone anywhere. Unfortunately, some were not so lucky. I read about a 21 months old who died when trying to climb a dresser, a 4 years old who accidentally got hit with a car, a three years old son of a friend who was accidentally drown in his backyard swimming pool.

It was a reminder for me to be extra cautious in regards to my child's safety

But boys will be boys; no matter how careful I am, a few weeks later, he fell again at our back patio:

Not long after, he's back to his usual active silly self:

Two days later the bruise is dried:

A few days later it's completely healed:

Then he's back to business: