Thankful List 2014

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Every year, The Frugal Girl shares her Thankful List. Every time I read it, I am reminded to take the time to list down my own. 

I am thankful for:

1. God, His love, grace, and mercy to me.  

2. The blessing of family

3. God's Words, which comfort, challenge, change and water my soul

4. Friends, old and new. I shared this on Facebook on my birthday:
Casual friendship begins when one introduce oneself and begin a conversation. Real friendship begins when one take take the risk and initiative to invite other into their life and they begin the messy beautiful journey of getting to know each other, accepting, understanding, giving, receiving, helping, respecting, appreciating, apologizing, forgiving, trusting, caring, and loving. I am grateful for many messy beautiful friendship.

5. My opposite, handy, diligent, God-fearing husband.

6. My sweet, joyful, curious Max

7. After posting the above picture, I am also reminded to give thanks for this gentle, God-loving teacher and mentor.

8. My helpful, silly, and energetic Wes

9. The close relationship they have with each other

10. The chance to travel and explore this beautiful world God created

11. Food and the joy of cooking, eating, and sharing them with others

12. My sewing machine and the ability to sew some pretty and useful things with it.

13. Our home sweet home

14. We have been careful and prayerful in prioritizing and choosing any extracurricular activities so far besides the weekly class with other homeschooler, Max has Taekwondo and Chinese School, which he loves and always looking forward to go to. I am grateful for loving teachers and friends.

15. Instagram
As with activities, I am careful before adding anything on my plate including social media. After resisting for a while, I thought Instagram would be a good tool to record my 1000 gifts and it works.

16. Good Books and the library. I don't know how we can afford my and Max's addiction to books without library.

17. The privilege to be home and teach my kids and the joy of seeing them grow, acquiring new skills, and learning new things.

18. Farmer Market, where we got our fresh non-pesticide  produce

19. The fact that we are safe and unharmed from the burglary. Money and stuff can be replaced. It sure teaches us not to take things for granted.

20. The Body of Christ/ the church.  We are grateful for our home church. It's not perfect but it's where we are called to love, grow, and serve together. We are also blessed to live nearby a wonderful church, where we got to know some wonderful people and the kids got to join some of their children program. This year we are blessed to join a homeschool class at another great church. The body of Christ is amazing.

21. My kitchen tools, which make cooking and baking so much easier.

22. Online recipes, which enable me to experiment and cook different dishes. I cook with recipes and cannot cook without one. One of the reasons I post my recipes was so that I can look it up easily whenever I have to cook or go grocery shopping.

23. My small patio garden

24.  Our health.

25. Running water, electricity, and working appliances.

26. The ministries of many wonderful non profit organization that serve those in need.

27. And I am thankful for you for reading, commenting, and sending encouraging messages.

My prayer to you this Thanksgiving is that you got to "Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh the joys of those who take refuge in Him!" Psalm 34:8 

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