The fastest way to make a homemade Chicken Stock

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I have been entertaining the idea of making homemade chicken stock after reading this post on SmallNotebook. I especially love the fact that that she only use two ingredients: chicken and water. They only one thing that keeping me from making one is time. The cooking/ simmering takes at least 4 hours; with 2 little boys it's hard for me to be available to watch the stove during 4 hours time frame. I would need to take the little one to nap, take them outdoor, assist them on potty break and so on. I was thinking to use slow cooker but then my friend Vonny told me that she had been making chicken stock with pressure cooker. What a great idea! Thank you, Bon!

Chicken Stocks

The ingredients:
Chicken bones {you can used left over but I use this free range chicken bones from Japanese Supermarket):
You can certainly put more ingredients and make it fancier like this but I stick with just the two above that way I can use it to make different kinds of soup as I prefer later on. 
Note: add the salt, pepper, and other seasoning later when you make the soup.

Put the chicken bones inside the pressure cooker. {I bought mine from Amazon}
Add cold water enough to cover about two inches over the chicken
Cover and sealed
Heat the stove on medium high 'till the pressure is reached {when the pressure cooker start buzzing}
Turn the heat medium low and let cook for about 30 minutes
Strain the stock into a container and discharge the bones

in less than an hour you got healthy chicken stock ready to be used or frozen.

Note: Leave some room in the container and do NOT sealed too tight that way the liquid got some space to expand when freezing otherwise your container will break {learned my lesson the hard way :( }


  1. Thank you Ki for the fast respond :D. Free range chicken bone nya beli dimana Ki? Thank you ya!

  2. aku beli di Mitsuwa (sebelah Daiso), Wen.