Bryce Canyon, Utah

Saturday, May 24, 2014

We are celebrating our 12 years anniversary this week. I thought it would be fun take a walk down the memory lane before the kids and this blog came about.

For our second year anniversary in 2004 we spent two days in Zion National Park then continued our journey to Bryce Canyon.

The view was beyond amazing.

Ooo I had to tell this story because it's part of the memory and lesson we learned from this trip.
We had a fight during a hike. I was tired, hungry, and sleep deprived after two days sleeping in the Tipi. I told Chris that I need to stop and eat.

Being a task oriented person, he was planning and determined to finish the hike first then had lunch at the end. I ended up going back to the car in tears while he hiked down the trail on his own.
Remember, we were still a newlywed then so we're still learning about each other and how to communicate our differences. Sure enough we had a longggg talk afterward.

If we are faced with the same situation today, I am sure we would handle it differently.
The conversation would likely go like this:
Me: "Honey, I am hungry and tired. Let's stop and eat first."
Chris: "O... but I was planning for us to eat at the final destination, where we can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. Can you hold on a little bit?"
Me: {Instead of making negative assumptions about him not being sensitive or caring} I would trust his good intention and say, "Honey, I know you don't like it when your plan get detoured but I am very hungry and tired and really need to eat. Can we please stop and eat now?"
After 12 years of marriage, I know my hubby is wise enough to let go his perfect plan and grand his wife's request. :)

Now, let's go back to this magnificent place:

I was standing with my mouth wide open for a while.

"Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised" Psalm 48:1

We stayed in a cozy cabin at Ruby's Inn

The inside. Much better than the Tipi for sure.